Friday, September 25, 2015

Creating a Fun Peppa Pig Picture!

Ever since Elise was about two, she became mildly obsessed with Peppa Pig.

To be truthful, Ross and I love Peppa too - it's a wonderfully simple but clever concept and it teaches Elise a lot about life as a toddler.

My mum, Linda, sends Elise a copy of Peppa's magazine from the UK to us here in Singapore every month... sometimes twice a month! And we thought it might be nice to send a picture into the magazine of Elise's favourite little piggy.

This is the photo we sent into the magazine, so we will see if Elise gets herself published! I really believe in celebrating your children's work - whether it's a picture or a sculpture or a mound of clay. Our kitchen is awash with Elise's art!

And what better way to 'celebrate' and showcase Elise's efforts, than to post her picture to a magazine that she loves??

Here's a close up of the picture.

It's very simple. Elise and I:

1. Used a black waterproof pen to draw the outline of Peppa (all that I did really)
2. Stuck on lots of red shapes to create Peppa's dress
3. Added some googly eyes
4. Used blue glitter glue to make Peppa's mouth
5. Used pink wool and glue to create the nose outline
6. And pink pipe cleaners to create her arms, legs and tail

A quick and fun idea! I'll update this post if Elise and her picture are featured in the magazine!

Love and hugs,
Rebecca and Elise x

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