Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Make a Pom Pom With a Toddler!

I always loved making pom poms when I was a little girl. I found it strangely relaxing.

Today, I found it is still very therapeutic having made one with Elise for her to attach to her school bag. :)

Here's all you need:

  • Some wool - we chose some multi-coloured wool
  • Some thin card - we raided a cereal box
  • A pen
  • A circular object like a cup
  • Scissors

1. Draw around your cup and make 2 identical circles. Draw a smaller circle inside and cut the shapes (and the hole) out. Tip: don't make the central hole too big. Then put the two circles back to back.

Step 1

2. Cut a long piece of wool (about 2 metres is good if you're working with a toddler) and start to wind it around your card circles. Make sure you keep the wool taut.

Step 2

3. Elise enjoyed pulling the wool out of the hole and walking to the other side of her room with it!

Step 3

4. If your wool runs out, don't fret. Just cut another long length of wool and hold the two ends down with your thumb, wrapping the new wool over the end of the last piece of wool to secure it.

Step 4

5. Wind the wool around the donut shape until the centre hole is completely filled. Make sure it is as tight as possible and no more wool can fit through the gap.

Step 5 - this pom pom is about half way there!

6. Next is the most enjoyable bit! Snip all around the outside of your circle.

Step 6 - once you can't get any more wool through the centre hole, you're ready to snip!

Step 6 - snip all the way round!

7. Get another length of wool and tie a tight knot between your two pieces of card. Make a few knots to ensure it is secure.

Step 7

8. Then rip off your card and attach your pom pom to something... like your door knob, or your school bag... or make two and play Pom Pom Conkers!

Step 8

Love and hugs
Rebecca and Elise x

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