Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Singapore Flyer - the big wheel in Singapore

Elise trying to be as tall as The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is one of the more touristy things you can do in Singapore. I was expecting to be a bit disappointed to be honest. After all I've been on The London Eye which is, quite frankly, awesome.

But I wasn't disappointed at all.

What is interesting about the Singapore Flyer is the vantage point it gives you of all the reclamation going on around it. In this photo you can see the land to the east of The Mariana Bay Sands Hotel that has been reclaimed and is waiting to settle.

You can see the two domes and the enormous purple 'trees' at Gardens By The Bay (I will post about this gorgeous place another day), but beyond that is barren land.

No doubt, if we go on the Singapore Flyer in a few years from now, this land will be filled with brand new shiny skyscrapers and office blocks. I took this photo in early 2015, so let's see! :)

Gardens by the Bay (left) and Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino (right)

If you look the other way, towards the west, you can see the business district (as well as a floating football pitch - this is Singapore after all).

You can also just about make out the spectacular Fullerton Hotel and the Merlion overlooking Marina Bay.

Business district 
Overall, I'd highly recommend The Singapore Flyer. It isn't the cheapest hour you could spend but you might be pleasantly surprised by the experience.


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