Monday, June 8, 2015

This Is Me

To introduce myself...

I'm Rebecca Allen. That's my cute-ilicious three year old daughter, Elise.

I'm English but have lived overseas all my life (well for most of it anyway) and I love it. I love the exploration, I love the fact that travel puts you out of your comfort zone, I love the fact that you learn new things, try new things and become a fuller (and hopefully more interesting) person as a result.

I am 37 years old and have been mulling starting this blog for a few days (I don't tend to procrastinate... so a 'few days' is quite a long time for me!). I am hugely passionate about so many things and thought I would compile all my musings in one place.

The name of this blog encapsulates it all really:

CREATIVE - I am a creative person for sure. I wouldn't say I am wildly proficient in any one particular 'craft' but I do like to try my hand at 'stuff'. To date, I have tried cooking, drawing, painting, making jewellery, baking, writing, illustrating, acting, singing, playing the flute and piano. Most of all I love doing 'crafty things' with Elise - I think it releases all sorts of interesting discussion and creativity within us both (she is a chatterbox, just like me).

The creative things that I am pretty useless at are styling hair (I can just about manage putting bunches in Elise's hair and thats about the extent of my talent); languages;

EXPAT - ever since I was three, I have lived 'overseas'. I don't know where 'home' actually is -  I guess it is where my immediate family are which includes Ross (my partner of 13 years) and Elise, our daughter. I like the fact that I don't feel 'stuck' or 'loyal' to any one particular country, or city, or place... it feels wonderfully liberating knowing I can be happy wherever I am.

To date I have lived in England, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. No doubt we will move as a family once again at some time or other. Bring it on!

MUM - I absolutely adore being a mum. It is the most precious gift (I don't mean to sound cheesy... it is just true). Elise is an absolute wonder. I love spending time together, watching her learn and grow and seeing her confidence develop. I learnt a lot about being a mum from my own mum. She continues to be a real inspiration and is a lovely human being.

Being a mum is an amazing 'job'. There aren't many other 'jobs' out there that are solely about developing somebody else. What could be more crucial or important than that?

Don't expect this blog to be chronological because it won't be... my brain doesn't work like that. I might be talking about a present day experience and then the next post might be about my childhood in Hong Kong. Hopefully you find what you're looking for and enjoy whatever you find!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and give me feedback, ideas and your perspectives on your own experiences - whether creative, expat or parent... I'd love to hear from you.


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