Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ariel Birthday Cake - Elise turns 4!

For her birthday Elise can bring a cake into school... and seeing  as I love making cakes and getting all creative, I thought well why shouldn't I do two cakes this year?
Elise is mildly obsessed with both Ariel the Mermaid and Elsa from Frozen so these have become the themes for her two cakes.

I plan to keep the one for playschool simple, cheap and fun. It's going to be a number '4' shape with red and green icing, inkeeping with Ariel's colour scheme.

Incase you're unfamiliar with Ariel, she looks a bit like this, maybe without the socks:

In preparation I have done the following:

1. Done some research on the internet for a cake topper. I found this pretty green photoframe, complete with Ariel, and then added (in PowerPoint) the type saying Happy Birthday Elise. I laminated it on both sides (if you want to use really wide cellotape it does the same job) then cut it out:

2. Looked for some pictures of the two main animals in The Little Mermaid. These are Flounder (a fish) and Sebastian (a hermit crab). I've copied them from the internet, then pasted them into PowerPoint slide and then added a circle around them. I've also added some numbers 1 -2 -3 -4... Elise will be four and I thought it would be fun for her and her friends to count to 4 when the cake arrives. :) I've also found some seaweed graphics... all will become apparent soon enough!

To make the cake decorations:

1. Print your images onto decent paper (suggest 100gsm minimum).

2. Cut all your shapes out. There are 4 images and so I need 8 seaweeds and 8 mini cocktail sticks...

3. Turn one seaweed cut-out over and glue a cocktail stick down so that about half of the stick sticks out. Then glue the other seaweed cutout to the back.

Step 3

4. Glue your number 4 image (mine is a fish) together but again put a cocktail stick inside to give it some strength.

Step 4

5. Slide the number 4 image into the seaweed and glue the seaweed over it. Hopefully your number image is quite stable. :) Repeat these steps for each of your number images and then you'll have 4 fun sticks to poke into your cake!

Step 5 

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