Sunday, October 25, 2015

Making a Halloween Pumpkin with Daddy!

Ross and Elise came home from the shops today with an enormous pumpkin. Ross seemed pretty certain how to create a scary Halloween lantern so they got to work straight away!

First Ross cut a 'lid' around the stalk, making sure to leave a lip (see photo at the front). This helps you place the lid back in exactly the right spot at the end:

Next was the fun bit: pulling all of the gooey guts out of the pumpkin. Elise really, really enjoyed this step! Ross scraped as much of the gooey flesh out as he could with a serrated avocado knife to leave a smooth inside shell.

Next they drew on the face they wanted and Ross cut it out with a knife. This was actually easier than I thought it would be! Given how long it takes me to peel pumpkin, I was very impressed with his speed!

And lastly, the finishing touch: putting a battery operated tea light candle inside and replacing the lid: scaaaary!

Happy Halloween!!
Ross and Elise x

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