Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UN Day - White Lodge Preschool 2015

White Lodge preschool is a wonderful environment for Elise. It is truly multi-cultural. Their core value is 'accepting difference' and Ross and I love the fact that every week, Elise is learning something different about another culture, country, type of food, group of people or landmark.

This week they have been learning about Niagara Falls for example and pouring water down a plastic mini waterfall. Last week they made chipatti and in a week's time they will be celebrating Diwali! It never ends.

UN Day is no exception and the school really goes all out on this event. It is held annually at the American School in their gymnasium and parents and teachers volunteer to host stands for the many different countries the students originate from. The stands showcase national costumes, share cultural artefacts and customs and offer tray upon tray of delicious local foods. Our scones were on the UK stand of course!

This year, there were stands for UK, USA, India, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, China, Bulgaria, Germany, France... the list goes on. It is an incredible event that never disappoints.

Here are some photos from the event:

The day started off with a clash and a bang with a traditional Lion Dance
We were greeted by a character bringing good luck... must research who he is!

Here is the stand representing Japan - a teacher hands out origami shapes and animals to the children
The school's Mandarin teachers treat us to a traditional Mongolian dance
Uncle Mo, the resident musician, plays the sitar for us all
The South Africa stall was my favourite!
Elise's 'passport' showing all the 'countries' she visited on the day!

A very special day which was lots of fun and we all learned a great deal!

Love and hugs
Rebecca and Elise x

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